Fungal disease has made growing Onions difficult here at Furzehill Farm so this year we decided to spread the risk by growing from seed and sets and using several different varieties. Frome seed we used three varieties, Golden Bear (supposedly resistant to white rot), Amposta and Karmen (Carmen) the last two being red skinned. Our set raised Onion

Carmen and Amposta onions

s were planted in late February and grew very fast and did look too green and healthy, no surprise that as has happened in past years they succumbed to fungal disease and the crop was about halved as a result.

The seed raised Onions were planted out in late April in an open area where the soil is poor (heavy clay) they were slow to get going but when the hot weather came they shot off like rockets and all three varieties did really well with little disease evident. It’s thumbs up for ‘Carmen’, ‘Amposta’ and ‘Golden Bear’ – of the three ‘Amposta’ is my favourite, they are easy to prepare in the kitchen, sweet and good flavour, of the three they get the double thumbs up.