The Western edge of the New Forest is wet at this time of year. My soil is clay on top of solid clay and so once the earth has reached saturation level the run off is alarming…it certainly was yesterday. We had the heaviest rain for almost a year and it just ran off our place like water off a plastic sheet. Not all on the surface though, much of the run-off found it’s way into mole runs and disappeared from who knows where and popped up in the most inconvenient places. There was a vigorous mole induced spring just outside my office and down in the Onion patch a canyon has developed and taken some of the Onions sets with it, a barrow load of soil has vanished with no sign of where it has gone, probably down in Christchurch harbour by now. Today, the morning after everything seems well, apart from the canyon that is.
This is an unlovely time of year in my garden, we have unfinished projects in all directions and not enough Snowdrops, Crocus and Daffys to distract from the chaos. The best bit is our little wood, known as the Copse, no projects there and so it looks rather sweet and orderly, especially if you look up. The ground is covered in Primrose clumps, not yet flowering, I’ll save those in case we do this again in April.