September is the time that NGS open gardeners have to decide if they will open again and if so when.

We deliberated long and hard, it’s a big commitment and the decision time coincides with having to make up our minds about holidays as well so there’s a lot to consider. Our 2017 open garden experience was a good one, mainly thanks to the willingness of neighbours and friends to help out…would they be up for doing it all over again? … probably. So we are going for it, the second and third Sundays in June, a week later than in 2017, mainly so that all my plants in pots will be looking at their best.

I’m going to do the informal guided tour thing again as it went down well, although I can’t promise our big black Adder will be on show. There will be more green wood garden structures and all being well a coppice working friend will be doing a demonstration up in our little wood. I intend to move away from annuals in my hundred or so pots (never used a lot anyways) and focus in on the best perennial potty subjects of which there are loads.

We are contemplating a special opening of one afternoon in late April for our Primroses but more of that nearer the date.