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Shiny Onions from seed ‘Amposta’ and ‘Carmen’

Fungal disease has made growing Onions difficult here at Furzehill Farm so this year we decided to spread the risk by growing from seed and sets and using several different varieties. Frome seed we used three varieties, Golden Bear (supposedly resistant to white rot), Amposta and Karmen (Carmen) the last two being red skinned. Our set raised Onion s were planted in late February and grew very fast and did look too green and healthy, no surprise that as has happened in past years they succumbed to fungal disease and the crop was about halved as a result. The...

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Primed for growth?

Is this the next big thing in Vegetable gardening? Mr Fothergills launched ‘Optigrow’ seeds at GLEE 2017 – this range of 20 veg varieties have all been ‘primed’ ready to germinate quicker than regular seeds. I can see this might be helpful if it gives veggies a head start over the weed seeds that certainly abound in my garden. Carrots and Parsnips can often be a week or so behind the weed germination and this could help save a lot of ‘lost’ carrot crops. Judging by the demo stand of Optigrow seeds at GLEE it looked as though the...

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My Garden right now – September

I missed the June ‘My Garden right now’. I think I was busy preparing for opening our garden for the NGS open garden scheme. It took us about three months of intensive effort to get the garden to an acceptable standard and even then it was far from perfect. I was so glad we described our plot accurately in the Yellow book, those who came weren’t upset by the informal look of the place and increasing levels of weed tolerance as they moved away from the nearest thing we have to a formal area into the domain of wildlife....

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Our first garden opening went well. Apart from a brief spell of drizzle the weather was co-operative and the feedback was positive with some excellent, constructive comments. A number of visitors asked if there could be a garden tour to help them understand how the garden works and find out more about the wildlife aspects of what we do. So, for our second open day I’ll offer a 30 minute wander with me explaining what we see along the way….there is a danger that 30 mins might expand to an hour but anyone can drift off along the way...

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Jack, you meanie – April frosts of 2017

Since Monday night the garden has been the scene of a struggle between the two faces of the best season of the year. Like good versus evil the killer frosts of the night have been slogging it out against the naively enthusiastic force of new growth. We know that April can be mean to precocity but this morning¬†the killing fields are draped with glassily drooping foliage and browned off clusters of flowers that were the victims of their enthusiasm to break out of tight Winter buds, they will not recover. ¬† Monday’s frost was depressing, so much promise spoiled,...

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