Month: November 2017

Blackbirds at dawn

Each morning I write Haiku inspired by where we are in the turn of the seasons. At this time of year our Blackbirds seem very concerned about raptors, especially Tawny Owls and they will cackle away for many minutes in an effort to let the Owl know it has been spotted and hopefully fly off. You can’t see blackbirds (or an Owl) or hear them in the image, I hope you will see and hear them in the...

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There’s life in the old Tech yet

A few days ago I happened to meet someone who was on the Photography course that I ran at Hardy’s Plants back in September. During our conversation I mentioned that there is to be a Macro half day course at Hardy’s in March 2018, she expressed interest but explained that her point and shoot camera wasn’t really up to macro work. I agreed that an SLR is best and she looked concerned about the cost of that kind of camera. I said that there are very competent used DSLR’s available for little money that can do a great job...

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Exciting news!

Furzehill Farm Garden is a wildlife garden, we try to plant, manage and grow so that a broad range of wildlife is not just attracted but nurtured by our plot. For many years I have been keen to improve the suitability of our three small fields for wildlife so that they work alongside the garden as a reservoir of wildlife diversity and sustainability. We have been held back by lack of resources (money). Some of the work needed, primarily fencing is costly and beyond our means. The good news is that thanks to the New Forest National Park’s Better...

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