Month: April 2017

Jack, you meanie – April frosts of 2017

Since Monday night the garden has been the scene of a struggle between the two faces of the best season of the year. Like good versus evil the killer frosts of the night have been slogging it out against the naively enthusiastic force of new growth. We know that April can be mean to precocity but this morning¬†the killing fields are draped with glassily drooping foliage and browned off clusters of flowers that were the victims of their enthusiasm to break out of tight Winter buds, they will not recover. ¬† Monday’s frost was depressing, so much promise spoiled,...

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When shelter becomes shade

Tucked into a little valley on the Western edge of the New Forest our garden is sheltered from all but the East wind and that can be a plant killer. 20 years ago we planted a long row of mixed deciduous but early leafing trees to block the biting easterlies. Thanks to a surplus of hedging whips at work we also planted, a few years later a somewhat random hedge running East West to further protect an area of Spring meadow and Orchard beyond. Although slow to establish on our clay soil, once trees get settled in they grow...

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