At last, they are here

I have grown a serious lot of Buddleja this year, many in pots, I like Buddleja and I like Butterflies so why not. Sadly the Butterflies have been reluctant to play ball, either they are in short supply or they have had a better offer, until now, at last there are...

Pest avoidance

Carrot root fly, Badgers, Voles, Slugs, Pigeons all enjoy the fruits of our labours and we don't mind sharing a little of what we grow. However, lately the numbers of mouths we have been feeding has become a real problem so we decided to try and avoid the worst of the...

Look closely

I photograph the same things over and over. It's partly down to trying to improve each time but also I am hoping to find things I didn't see before.... and I often do.

Badger attack!

The electric fence was not enough. Overnight a Badger, or perhaps an army of Badgers broke in and worked away beneath the enviromesh clawing and munching on our carrot crop. The only solution was to build a corrugated iron corral all round the plot. Sadly we still...


How exciting, our garden has been approved to be open for the National Gardens Scheme in 2017 The pressure is now on, the inspector showed great faith that before our opening in June we will lick the place into shape....so we have to!