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Author: Richard

Carley in Coreopsis

Going back to 2004 while checking some older images I found this shot of Carley in the annual flower meadow in my garden. This was a Pictorial Meadows mix in the early days when they offered just a few mix options. There was a strong bias towards Coreopsis but that made for quite a show. When some folks from Stewarts Garden Centres saw this they decided it would be good to have a similar display at the New Forest Show and they have done every year since. In my garden these plots are now perennial meadows but the time has...

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1888 and all that

As a youngster my favourite climbing tree was an old, leaning Pear tree close to the cottage. The lean made it an easy climb as did the gnarly, spiralled bark. In the Summer I could perch up there immersed in the shiny green leafery and be unseen by passers by. In the Autumn I might sneakily throw the occasional rotting pear at rival ‘gangs’ as they passed by our gate. The old pear tree was a character – way back, someone had lopped the top off and rather than leave the cut exposed to the weather a big, old,...

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At last, they are here

I have grown a serious lot of Buddleja this year, many in pots, I like Buddleja and I like Butterflies so why not. Sadly the Butterflies have been reluctant to play ball, either they are in short supply or they have had a better offer, until now, at last there are good numbers of Red Admirals and a few other various kinds. To ensure plenty of Buddleja flowers I have been dead-heading every few days and it has paid off, still plenty of flowers especially on the B. ‘Buzz Sky...

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Pest avoidance

Carrot root fly, Badgers, Voles, Slugs, Pigeons all enjoy the fruits of our labours and we don’t mind sharing a little of what we grow. However, lately the numbers of mouths we have been feeding has become a real problem so we decided to try and avoid the worst of the pests by raising our crops up where they are either out of reach or easier to protect. First we purchased a ‘Veg Trug’, nicely made and quite an expensive option, this was planted with strawberry plants. The compost used to fill the ‘Trug’ was a multipurpose with added...

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